Promethean’s Vellum Writing Technology goes beyond standard touch technologies to deliver an end-to-end experience – from the customised onboard operating system, to best in class hardware components, to Promethean-developed writing apps. Unlike traditional touch technologies, Vellum will continue to evolve and improve over time through updates, and every component of Vellum is optimised to deliver an authentic and collaborative writing experience for teachers and students.

A Writing Experience Without Limitations

Because we know how important the writing experience is in the classroom, we are always looking to raise the performance bar with our writing technology. In the ActivPanel Elements series, we strived to create the best writing experience possible. Combining teacher feedback with innovative new technologies, we developed our own custom solution.

A Look Inside Vellum


Specially Treated Glass

Specially treated glass coating creates a smooth and comfortable feel with enhanced anti-glare properties for an optimal viewing experience across varying classroom lighting scenarios.

Enhanced Sensors & Algorithms

Enhanced touch sensors and powerful algorithms detect and process infrared signals for highly accurate detection of object size and position.

Always Up-to-Date Firmware

The ActivPanel Elements firmware can be updated over time to ensure fast and accurate detection of touch events throughout the life of the ActivPanel.

Customized Operating System

The customized Android™ 8 OS is optimized to provide best possible handling of information related to an individual’s writing.

Classroom Essential Apps

Promethean developed apps like the Whiteboard and Annotate take full advantage of Vellum’s best-in-class components and can be continuously upgraded.

Purpose-Built Accessories

Our batteryless pens and erasers are purposefully designed based on teacher feedback and work flawlessly with the panel’s glass and deliver high precision at a low cost.

The Vellum Advantage

The core technology in Vellum is based on surface infrared (IR) to deliver highly accurate touch detection. Going beyond surface IR, Vellum delivers enhanced functionality and performance – writing while resting your palm on the screen or erasing with the back of the pen – for an authentic, fluid, and nearly flawless writing experience. Unlike traditional IR or other third-party touch technologies that are limited to the glass and touch components, Promethean delivers an end-to-end experience, making writing on the panel truly seamless.

Because Vellum is developed by Promethean, it does not rely on any single vendor for performance enhancements and we can continuously improve on the writing experience as new technologies become available.

Vellum is for Teachers and Students

Promethean’s Vellum writing technology delivers an authentic writing experience without limitations, enabling teachers and students to write confidently, fluidly, and naturally. The writing is fast and accurate and works just as expected. Pens write, fingers touch, and palms erase* – it’s like writing on a dry erase whiteboard, only better.

*Varies by model

Vellum is for Schools and IT Administrators

Schools and IT professionals can be assured that they are getting the best writing experience available throughout the life of their ActivPanel Elements series. With Vellum, the ability to easily perform updates to Promethean apps, the operating system, and firmware, means that the writing experience will only get better over time and enhance adoption by teachers and students.