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  • We’ve drawn on our 20+ years’ experience of developing technologies which enhance the teaching and learning environment to underpin a design philosophy which focuses on user feedback and market knowledge. This enables us to deliver advanced and flexible classroom solutions which directly address the needs of teachers, school leaders and ICT professionals.

    Intuitive and ergonomic
    Thoughtfully designed for the classroom environment, the ActivPanel Nickel delivers an intuitive user experience via the unified menu - making it simple, quick and easy to navigate to the most commonly-used apps, content and resources by mapping the interface and icons to the teacher’s natural eyeline and ergonomic usage. This includes Promethean’s Instant Whiteboard app – collaborate without the need to connect to a computer and deliver interactive and engaging lessons on an infinite canvas.

    Natural writing experience
    Understanding the importance of the writing experience, we developed Vellum™ writing technology to deliver a natural and precise writing experience – writing on the ActivPanel is as natural as putting pen to paper.

    Apps at your fingertips
    Introducing the Promethean Locker - the go-to place for all your Android apps. From the pre-loaded range of essential interactive apps to the ability to download a wide range of educational apps from the Promethean Store… the Promethean Locker saves time and makes teaching with tech easier by providing a single destination to access, launch and manage apps.

    Tested and built for IT support and security
    The ActivPanel Nickel has been built from the ground up to integrate into any technology environment and with a teacher-centric design that makes it easy to use. The onboard Android™ 8 operating system delivers a new level of speed, security, and reliability, while enhanced over-the-air updates reduce the time and effort needed to make software and firmware updates. All included software, apps, and platform services are purposefully-designed for ongoing enhancements and continuous innovation, ensuring that today’s investment will pay dividends well into the future.

    ActivPanel Nickel

    • Robust Interactivity
    • Device Mirroring
    • All-in-One and Connected
    • Easy Device Connectivity
    • Powerful Audio
    • Powerful Lesson-delivery Software Included

    Award-winning software included
    Promethean’s longstanding education pedigree has enabled us to develop technology over the past 20 years which specifically meets the needs of education. ActivPanel Nickel is supplied with a choice of two award-winning software solutions.


    Deliver interactive lessons using Promethean’s educational software – supplied free* as standard with the ActivPanel, so no ongoing subscription costs or hidden charges.

    *Single user licence with each hardware purchase

    The next-generation, cloud-based lesson-delivery software that provides advanced classroom collaboration tools and interactive resources with anytime, anywhere access.